Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing

Gothic Bite Magazine

My name is Sarah Spooffeeee here from Moonmaiden Gothic Clothing! Along with my husband Michael, we are running Moonmaiden, and for fifteen years kept it spooky.

It’s a crazy business and much hard work, but I wouldn’t be without Moonmaiden, as she was and is still consistently consistent and we love her very much!

Creating Moonmaider

I love creating wonderful new spooofffeeee — it’s like spooky, but spookier! designs it’s almost a compulsion, and I sleep, eat, drink and dream the business; which is why I think it’s lasted so long. Also, we have great fun doing videos for the site, which you can check out on our Youtube Channel.

There’s a lot more competition out there now, but we’ve never been mass-produced, and we continually update, so we’re always that little bit different, set apart from when people rip us off; but we know who you are, mwahaha…

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