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Pokémon Fan

Every kid that grew up in the 1990s holds some nostalgia for the things they loved during that time. For me it was Saturday morning cartoons. I had just gotten into anime after watching sailor Moon and was intrigued by the idea behind Pokémon. Pokémon featured portal pocket monsters that a trainer could hunt and collect to battle against Pokémon. The series is still running strong with new characters, songs, and challenges for the characters to endure.

My favorite Pokémon were the fire types because like me, they are passionate, stubborn, and defensive of those they care for. After all the expansions to the Pokémon universe over the years, my favorite Pokémon is still Charizard being a fire and dragon type. I did end up liking Jesse and James two members of Team Rocket who is seen as the main villains of the show.


Anime Adapted for Gaming

Pokémon Red and Poké0mon Blue released 1996 for the Gameboy hand-held console. Players were offered a chance to experience a similar adventure as the main portages, Ash Ketchum in Pokémon television series. You could explore the Johoto region collecting Pokémon for Professor Oak and battle other trainers, Team Rocket, and rising the ranks by defeating gym leaders.


To prevent the franchise from dying every few years Nintendo would expand the types of Pokémon in the game and try changing the game play to get players excited to play the new titles. Like when Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue premiered two titles were released featuring an exclusive Pokémon for each game, thus forcing players to trade with other gamers or purchase both titles.

Mobile Gaming

Pokémon Go was released in 2016 under the idea of creating an immersive experience of Pokémon with the real world. When the game first released for IOS, the Apple operating software, many fans were eager to get their hands on it, making it the number one mobile game in the world for that week.

Pokémon Go
Pokémon Go

Granted, it is nothing like the old-school Gameboy titles, but the mobile version can allow someone that is blind or visually impaired to still enjoy the franchise. By the game being offered on either Apple or Android devices, players can make the game accessible for their needs. Currently, with the integration with Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevve and Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachi for the Nintendo Switch with Pokémon Go, fans have been lured to give the mobile game a second chance.

Burned it!

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