The Science of Ouija

Gothic Bite Magazine

Scientists are always trying to disprove acts of paranormal activity. They believe that if a subject lacks proof that the item is impossible to be real.

Ouija boards by definition are a portal to the paranormal realm, yet scientist thinks it’s nothing more than a board game.

Ouija Board by Hasbro
Ouija Board by Hasbro

Their research proved that there is no supernatural force moving the planchette but rather people using the board on subconscious level has it moved.

Scientist Studies

In 2012, a study conducted at the University of British Columbia ran a series of tests to grasp a better understanding of the Ouija board from Hasbro Gaming. The test subjects had a set of yes and no questions that they had to answer.

Ouija Board
Ouija Board

At first, were verbal answers and second, the responses had to go through the Ouija board. When using the game, the test subject was blindfolded, and their…

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