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Hermes Greek God

In ancient Greece Thebes was nicknamed the city of thieves being home to the shady characters of the ancient world. Many heroes went to the city hoping to make a name for themselves. It’s no surprise that many of the town believed in a God that was the trickster and messenger of the Gods named Hermes. This winged shoe God was prayed to by travelers and by those that considered themselves to be thieves.

Winged Messenger

Hermes is the winged messenger of the Gods usually wearing a winged hat and winged shoes. Many consider him to be the God of thieves, trade, communication, messengers, boundaries, conductor of dreams, patron of travelers and wonders; guides souls to the Underworld, and trickster.

Hermes Greek God
Hermes Greek God

Among the Gods his role is to deliver messages and other forms of communication. To the mortals his job was to guide them in life and after death. Even in the dreamworld Hermes conducts the dreams seen by mortals.

Symbolism of Hermes

The two symbols that are connected to the God are his winged sandals and his wand. The wand is of two snakes intertwined and allows Hermes to wake or put mortals to sleep. It’s now used as a symbol for medicine. He was the interpreter of the Gods and many claim he is the symbol for all types of communication. His shoes are what allow him to travel quickly between the two worlds, which was a gift from his mother who was the daughter of the titan Atlas.

Hermes Greek God
Hermes Greek God

Myth and Lore

Hermes was the one who created a lyre and offered it to the sun God Apollo to accompt song after being caught stealing Apollo’s sheep. He ventured to the Underworld to retrieve Persephone and return her to Demeter. In the tales about heroes Hermes is often mentioned either by giving guidance to the hero or handing out warnings to the Gods about interacting with the mortals.

Hermes Greek God
Hermes Greek God

Many misjudge the God seeing him as nothing more then an errand boy for mortals and the other Gods. However, there is more to the God then titles and his appearance. Hermes is the God that represents the wandering soul. To the lonely traveler you always hope to have someone looking over their shoulder. A protector from the unknown forces in the world.

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