The Odd Origin of Vampires

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Vampires are part of our folklore for hundreds of years. The beliefs that a being subsisting on the vital fluids of a human has timelessly been retold numerous times around the world.

Is Ignorance To Blame?

In the early seventeenth hundreds, the process of decomposition was not something people were knowledgeable about back in the days. The black plague or bubonic plague were things of the past, but most corpses had to be burned thus spreading the disease, but that’s another topic while normal ones were to be put in a coffin and buried.

In Western Europe, many cases reported sights of presumed “dead” people seen as dark and bloating, their nose and mouth dripping blood. Also, that brought up the first cases of “vampirism” after ancient times.

Medieval Castle
Medieval Castle

Vampires have been known in folklore beliefs to be present for millennia. The presence of those creatures are well evident…

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