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My Hero Academia – Review

I decided to cover a popular anime, My Hero Academia, which is a shonen anime. Shonen anime refers to young boys under the age of fifteen. Thus, shonen anime and manga are aimed at that demographic. A lot of these anime and manga have a young male hero and are focused on action, adventure, and fighting. My Hero Academia follows this archetype by exploring Izuku “Deku” Midoriya quest to become a hero.

Despite having already watched the series, I decided to watch the first episode in preparation for the newest season four premiere. It proves how much I enjoy the series if I am willing to watch the pilot episode more than once, plus the exigent for new episodes for the anime.

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

The Storyline

In a world where powers and magic, known as “Quirks” take up eighty percent of the world, Deku is in the lower twenty percent–he doesn’t possess a Quirk of his own. Which is a downfall for his desire to become a hero like his number one idol All Might, but not a deal-breaker.

He focuses more on his high intelligence and his talents for pinpointing the stats of each hero he comes across, all while his childhood frenemy Katsuki Bakugo watches on from the sidelines and rises to greater heights. When All Might coincidentally runs into Deku, he offers him the chance to become a proper hero and passes on his power.

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

The Good Aspects

The first two episodes have a lot of interesting methods for a shonen—using the underdog as a staple, allowing them to gain control and motivation as they progress. The animation is brilliant, the concept is alluring, and the characters are fun, even from the very beginning. It’s well worth noting that there is depth even in minor characters you’ll come across throughout the series.

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

The Bad Aspects

This is just a personal gripe, and I fully understand why it happens… but Deku cries a LOT in the first two episodes, and I must make fun of him early on. I love him. But boy, wipe your eyes, please. While I do love Bakugo, he was at his highest level of being obnoxious and a bit of a show boat right at the beginning, which can make the audience dislike him.

Another issues I had with the anime was the lack of understanding on where Deku’s father is in all of this, but it’s not a huge factor. I just figured he could use the support from a male perspective. All Might makes a great father figure anyways, even at the start.

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

Overall, I rank the first two episodes of My Hero Academia at a nine and a half out of ten, and I always recommend this show to anyone that’s a fan of action, adventure, and character development!

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