Capricorn Zodiac

Gothic Bite Magazine

Gothic Bite Magazine realized the zodiac and astrology plays a big part in the paranormal.

Why not have our expert, Luna, tell you all about it as the months go by?

January & February

The tenth sign of the zodiac is the Capricorn which covers those born on December twenty-second until January ninetieth.

The following dates falls under Aquarius the eleventh sign, which ranges from January twentieth to February nineteenth. These two signs are different, yet both cover different aspects of a person’s life.

Zodiac Signs

A goat represents those born under the Earth sign such as the Capricorn. Those under the Earth sign are driven to reach the top in the career path they chose.

They desire to reap the rewards of their success though some may upset others when making their way to the top.


Those under Aquarius have two old glyphs of waves representing its connection…

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