Just a Bit of Dark Shadows

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While there are many television series, I could have chosen to be my choice for this month’s theme of Vampires the one that I chose is one of the beginning series.

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows came to the TV screen back on June 27th, 1966. When we think of soap operas, the first thing we think of is not Vampires. For me, I tend to go to Days of Our Lives, Young and the Restless, or something in that vein.

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Visit Kingston Publishing!

However, the series Dark Shadows, which aired weekdays on ABC, lasted in the original series from 1966 through 1971. By the end of the original airing, the show had 1,225 episodes. Quite a run for a series I think.

Taking A Bite

The series revolved around the lives of the wealthy Collins family and was set in Collinsport, Maine. While the series…

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