Lucky Number 13

Gothic Bite Magazine

The number 13 is at the center of many superstitious beliefs and fears. Then again, when paired alongside Friday it only becomes worst.


The name of the fear of the number thirteen is called triskaidekaphobia. For some people Friday the 13th is quite unlucky while for others it is a sign of luck. Which side are you on?

The number thirteen is a mysterious source in many subjects. Just like you would see in religion, the history or even mathematically, the number thirteen is just as mysterious.

In the Christian and Catholic religion, the number thirteen links to the sorrows of Jesus Christ. This fact is because the number united the apostles making them thirteen overall.

Scandinavia Map 1920
Scandinavia Map 1920

Before Christians and Catholics in Scandinavia, there were Vikings. It’s following the inquisition that the Norse God, Loki became the thirteenth one in their mythology and is their version of…

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