Valentine Untold

Gothic Bite Magazine

Candy, chocolate, candles, romantic dinner and loving cards. We know of cupid and his love arrows… but did you know that we owe it all to a martyr?

Today’s Holiday

People celebrate Valentine’s Day with the ones they love and offer each other presents, some are eatable in many ways or more physical, again, in a few imaginative way.

Valentine’s Day is for the lovers not to forget about the love they share. It gives them an opportunity to remind themselves of why they are together. Some believe it is a fabricated day by stores to get people to spend money. Well, it has another beginning…

Behind Valentine’s Day

For a holiday that celebrates love and passion, its creation comes from a darker nature. Valentine’s Day got its name after the roman saint and martyr St. Valentine.

St. Valentine, a Christian in an age where paganism still took place, had…

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