Memory Walker by Carly Marino

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We at GBM, loves when a unique author comes by and let us know about their awesome work! This week, we have Carly Marino!

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Buy Dream Walker by Carly Marino!
Buy Memory Walker by Carly Marino!

Carly Marino

I love writing and reading about love. There’s nothing better than two characters finding each other in unusual situations and conquering all odds to be together. *Sigh* Regardless the genre – paranormal, contemporary, fantasy – if there’s romance–I wanna read it! 

I was born in Hawai’i but grew up most of my life in a small town in Michigan and the sunny beaches of Florida. After graduating high school, I return to my island ohana for college where I wrote my thesis on how to write a young adult book. (Oddly enough)

Wife, mother, dog owner, and author, my hat constantly changes but…

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Hotel Transylvania 3 Review by Alexa Wayne

Gothic Bite Magazine

Hotel Transylvania is one of my most beloved franchises for its style and uniqueness.

I liked that the creative team decided to come up with a movie about monsters instead of humans or superheroes.

In a world where everything seems to be the same, Hotel Transylvania dares to be different, well, going from a hotel to a cruise, primarily a hotel, on water.

Let’s do the Hotel Transylvania Summer Vacations Review!

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[Game Grinding] Kingdom Hearts 3 Review

Shakyra Dunn

I kind of swept through this game. And I promise that I took my time with everything spare lucky emblems, gummi missions (which I hate), and every little detail in between. But now that I’ve finished it, and with that, the series that consumed thirteen years, more than HALF of my life, I’m going to share the nitty, gritty, non-spoilers of what I think of the end of the Xehanort saga.

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Underworld – The Review

Gothic Bite Magazine

I was always a fan of movies featuring a woman as a starting lead, and so Underworld caught my attention with action, romance, vampires, and werewolves.

We’re used to the feud between vampires and werewolves, but Underworld brought a new meaning to enemies.

Underworld Synopsis

A war raging for centuries, unseen by humans, between vampires and werewolves is happening. Vampires seem to be winning until the alpha of the werewolves, Lucian, found one human named Michael, capable of bonding the blood of both races.

Scratched, Michael is carrying the werewolf gene, enemies of the vampires until the death dealer, Selene unwraps the mystery surrounding the hate between the two powerful races hence discovering her own rebirth as a vampire. — Alexa Wayne

kingston Publishing
kingston Publishing

The Characters

Selene, played by Kate Beckinsale, is a skilled marksman and uses her vampire abilities to take out her opponents quickly.

Selene is loyal…

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Vampire Hunter D

Gothic Bite Magazine

Vampire Hunter D is one of those series that by the title of the show it can be guessed what the show itself, and its main character for that matter, are all about from the beginning.

Top of the Food Chain

In a world where nuclear fallout caused the Nobility, or vampires, to take their place in the top of the food chain for years. The rest of the paranormal beings came out to play, and the race of humans set to constant fear.

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It seemed like extinction was the name of the game for humans, but variables such as the overindulgent greed of the beautiful and cruel Nobility, the fierce determination of the frontier folk and the rise of Spectral slayers that have arisen is changing that game to the side of humanity. D is one of those fighting against the tides, and the story revolves…

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The Odd Origin of Vampires

Gothic Bite Magazine

Vampires are part of our folklore for hundreds of years. The beliefs that a being subsisting on the vital fluids of a human has timelessly been retold numerous times around the world.

Is Ignorance To Blame?

In the early seventeenth hundreds, the process of decomposition was not something people were knowledgeable about back in the days. The black plague or bubonic plague were things of the past, but most corpses had to be burned thus spreading the disease, but that’s another topic while normal ones were to be put in a coffin and buried.

In Western Europe, many cases reported sights of presumed “dead” people seen as dark and bloating, their nose and mouth dripping blood. Also, that brought up the first cases of “vampirism” after ancient times.

Medieval Castle
Medieval Castle

Vampires have been known in folklore beliefs to be present for millennia. The presence of those creatures are well evident…

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Castlevania The Review

Gothic Bite Magazine

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Edward Hale wrote a classic game review

How It Began

It’s January 2019, and you know what that means? Vampires, January means Vampires at Gothic Bite Magazine.

Also, you know what comes to mind when this game reviewer thinks of Vampires? Yup, you guessed it, Castlevania.

A Long, Long Time Ago…

Way back in 1986, a hidden gem surfaced, a game from Konami called, Castlevania. Their premises were simple enough, storm Castle Dracula and defeat the evil that lay within and destroy the undead lord for all times.

Castlevania - Symphony of the Night
Castlevania – Symphony of the Night

Seems simple right? Well, as many of us can tell you, no it was anything but simple. For such a basic idea, this series became steeped in its lore. The world the game developers created became one of the best in the history of gaming spawning over…

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Catrien Maxwell – Like A Vampire

Gothic Bite Magazine

January, the Vampire month at GBM and so we thought it would be quite interesting to describe a song about them in our own thoughts and words. Here is the second one!

Choosing The Vampire Song

When Alexa asked for each member of the Ghoul Family to cover a song about vampires for the month, stumped on what song to choose.

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Despite Alexa providing a list of songs for us to choose, none of them appealed to me. Emberly had suggested Like a Vampire by Catrien Maxwell, which was written and sang by an undiscovered artist on Youtube. Featured as an animated music video for the Gothic anime Vampire Knight, here it is.

Like a Vampire by Catrin Maxwell

“Call me the end of your world
call me your genocide.”

The artist makes an interesting metaphor of meaning so much to one person that…

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Vampires will never hurt you by My Chemical Romance

Gothic Bite Magazine

January, the Vampire month at GBM and so we thought it would be quite interesting to describe a song about them in our own thoughts and words. Here is the first one!

MCR = Creativity

Music has always had a significant influence on my life to serve as an outlet for depression and anxiety and to inspire my creativity.

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My Chemical Romance channeled their own experiences with depression by crafting a story through their music. In many of their songs, they showcase their battles with others or stories inspired by dreams and mythology.

Vampires Will Never Hurt You by My Chemical Romance

“And if they get me and the sun goes down into the ground
And if they get me take this spike to my heart and
And if they get me and the sun goes down
And if they get me take this spike and

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Creepypasta’s Best

Gothic Bite Magazine

When I think of what a Creepypasta is the first definition is this: A story that has found its start on the internet and grown beyond expectation almost developing a life of its own.

Modern Horror Place

The modern way for a story to be told but instead of by spoken word it is through written. Written word that is accessible to millions of people, all in just an instant.

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One that can almost be verified in origin because that where these stories come from. Now while yes there are other categories that fit this description as well, these particular types of stories all have something in common. They are all creepy and scary.

While there are literally hundreds if not thousands of Creepypasta out there, I did a bit of searching and found some of the most well-known and some I found to be the creepiest…

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