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Hermes Greek God

In ancient Greece Thebes was nicknamed the city of thieves being home to the shady characters of the ancient world. Many heroes went to the city hoping to make a name for themselves. It’s no surprise that many of the town believed in a God that was the trickster and messenger of the Gods named Hermes. This winged shoe God was prayed to by travelers and by those that considered themselves to be thieves.


Vampire Poem of the Month

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It’s no surprise that we walk in the new year with vampires, paying tribute to what many consider the rulers of the paranormal realm.

Many members of the Ghoul Family are fans of these immortal beings due to their abilities and the lore that surrounds them. They are sturdy yet mysterious creatures doing many wonders if there is more to their story etch in legend.

For some people, their first introduction to the creature is from the novel Dracula written by Bram Stoker.

Bram Stoker Dracula novel
Bram Stoker Dracula novel

Others are captivated by the grand specular of their powers used on their prey presented in paranormal television shows, films, and other novels either inspired by Bram Stoker’s universe or the broad history surrounding the nocturnal beings.


The intoxicating aroma
of mortal blood
awakens animated corpses
from eternal slumber.
Their life support extended
by each drop of crimson blood
torn from…

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Nyx the Goddess of Darkness

Many know of my enjoyment of ancient mythology to the point where the middle part of my name is a dedication to the Greek Goddess of the night. Nyx was one of the first Gods created in the universe and is the mother of numerous minor gods. She is one of the few goddesses that is feared by Zeus and is part of the cycle between day and night time.

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Pinocchio: Wooden Doll to a Real Child

Many fables have found a home within the creative videos of Walt Disney. One that is known throughout generations is the tale of a wooden puppet becoming a real boy. The tale was created into an animated film by Disney but there has been other artistic creation of the tale. Besides being an animated feature, Pinocchio has been a live-action film, animated film, and adapted from novels.

T.L. Christianson
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Shades of Red Series by T.L. Christianson

It can sometimes be difficult to find books that you are interested in without them being featured on a bestsellers list. One successful method is by finding new novels and authors by word of mouth or through networking. I was fortunate enough to come across T.L. Christianson series Shades of Red along with her other works for others unfamiliar with her work to check them out.

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Shadowing the Light by Miranda Turner

It can sometimes be difficult to find books that you are interested in without them being featured on a bestsellers list. One successful method, is by finding new novels and authors by word of mouth or through networking. I was fortunate enough to come across Miranda Turner's novel, Shadowing the Light and wanted others to give it a chance.

Hansel and Gretel
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Hansel and Gretel

Many grew up hearing the tale of Hansel and Gretel and the candy cottage they discover in the woods. The story comes from Germany and was written down by the Brothers’ Grimm. The tale shows how resourceful children can be and what they will do to stay alive. The story also tells how the brothers see witches and stepmothers.

The Battle Between The Holly King and The Oak King
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The Battle Between The Holly King and The Oak King

Many consider December to the mark the final big holiday of the season. For some this would be Christmas but those that celebrate the Wheel of the Year celebrate Yule or the Winter Solstice. There are many traditions for this celebration including a tale of battle between the Holly and Oak King to tell tale of how their seasonal battle effects the seasons.


The Yule Tarot Spread

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Many tarot card spreads take the form of a wheel or the face of a clock. Some see Yule and Christmas being separate holidays.

There are some including myself, that celebrate both. This twelve card Yule spread occurs on the first day of Yule and ends on New Year’s Eve.

Meaning Behind the Spread

This spread reflects the season of Yule, the holiday many see as a time of celebration and self-reflection.

The tarot spread is designed for the reader to select one card each day reflecting on the cards meaning and its connection to your own life. 

The idea is to focus on one card at a time only on the twelfth day will you look at it as a whole to discover the bigger picture.

Tarot Cards Drawn

The first card is drawn on December twentieth. The day before the winter solstice. The card is placed on…

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Yuletide Celebrations

There are many traditions and rituals people use for the preparation of Yule. While celebrating the darkest night of the year, families gather around the hearth lit by the Yule log. Many use the log to signal the end of one year and the beginning of another. Others light the Yule candle to ensure good luck for the coming year.