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Ra: The Sun God

In Ancient Egypt, the Sun God Ra was believed to rule in all parts of the created world; the sun, the sky, the earth, and the Underworld. He was commonly depicted with the head of a falcon. Some people mistake the images of Ra with Horus. You can tell them apart from their headdress. Ra is shown with a sun disk on its falcon head, while Horus is depicted with having a Pschent headdress, which is a double crown worn by rulers in ancient Egypt.

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Long Live the King

In Ancient Egyptian mythology the world began with the Mighty Ra, the King of the Gods and Sun God. His wife Nut was in love with another God named, Geb. In knowing this betrayal, Ra forbid Nut from having any children during the year. Nut was very saddened and wanted children, so she called on her friend Thoth, also known as wisdom. to help her.

The Mad Hatter
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Half a Century of Madness

From Lewis Carroll’s novel to Tim Burton’s depiction of “Alice in Wonderland” in 2010. one of the most enthusiastic, twisted, loopy and tea-addicted characters in classic literature can be linked back to this beloved and mad character - The Mad Hatter.

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Hercules: Youthful Mortal to Heroic God

You may remember the Disney animated masterpiece Hercules released in 1997 by Disney. The story of the son of a Greek god who was snatched as a baby by Hades and forced to live among mortals as a demigod. He is thought to be a youthful mortal with the odd ability to lift anything up to one-hundred times his size. Once a teenager, he must prove himself worthy of living with the gods on Mt. Olympus.

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Hades: Greek God or, Popular Villain?

When you hear the name “Hades” your mind may jump directly to the blue fiery haired, beloved, sometimes hated antagonist from the Disney cartoon, Hercules. The Disney film was released in 1997 and Hades was played by the actor, James Woods. As for some though, Hades rules in our hearts as the image of the ancient Greek god of the underworld who was determined to keep every dead soul from escaping his realm.