Emberly Lily Summers

Hi! I’m Emberly. I grew up surrounded by volcanos and warmth. I love the sun, the hunt and the thrill of flying high in the bright blue sky. Attracted to all that is glittery with vibrant colors has me hypnotized, when I am not caught in deep long sleep that is.

And by the way, don’t wake me up if you don’t have coffee ready.

My fiery, overly happy personality has me very different from anyone else my kind. I’m a Dragon with a wide smile. Okay, I might spit fire from time to time, but that’s only when I have gases, nothing wrong with that!

I’ll share with you all that is visually vibrant and interview people with fantasy panache! I’m a dragon with style!

If you wish to know more about me, go take a look at my website!


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