The Addam’s Family
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The Addams Family

The Addam’s Family was a classic gothic family that was aloof and scary to the residents of the town they resided in. They were known for caring about their family and ensuring that their children knew about their ancient heritage. Despite them being naïve to the society around them they ensured that they always looked out for their own.

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Beetlejuice – Film Review

Who do the dead call when they struggle to evict the living from their haunting grounds? When they lack their own scare factor and must put up with the living or leave their home? There is one ghost that is seen as a specter and insane even with his own kind, yet he is summoned when ghosts have a problem with the living being summoned after saying his name, Beetlejuice, three times.

Edward Scissorhands
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Edward Scissorhands – Film Review

How would you react if you stumbled across a teen with scissors for hands? Would you take him home, call the cops, or turn around and leave hoping to never see him again? Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands brings this scenario to life, questioning how accepting people can be about those that appear abnormal in their normal society.

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Kiki’s Delivery Service – Film Review

What if you had to leave everything behind and start a new life at the age of thirteen? Find a new place to live, discover a career, and live completely alone without your family or friends? For a witch named Kuki, this is the age where they complete a year of private study and find a chance to discover who she is.

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All Hallows’ Eve – Film Review

If you inherited power, would you let it corrupt you or would you refuse to let it change who you are? Does magic make a person good or evil or should their morality be judged by their actions? In the film, All Hallows Eve, the audience is shown examples of how power can corrupt a person if they allow it, or how it amplifies a person’s moral character if used for good.

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Spirited Away – Film Review

Many cultures around the world have different views of what the spirit world would appear as if seen by humans. In Japanese culture, it is believed that the realm of spirits co-exists in the human world. That spirits must have a purpose to stay in the human world, otherwise they will fade from both worlds.

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Into the Woods – Film Review

What would you do to ensure your dreams and wishes came true? Would you give up your morals and beliefs? Assist a woman that you know is a witch and has harmed your family in the past? Those whose stories are written down as fables and other questions must be answered if they wish to live a happy life after their story has ended.

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Hocus Pocus – Film Review

On Halloween night, monsters from the otherworld come to our realm to enjoy a night not, chained behind the veil, but what about those that are human with paranormal abilities? Witches have walked this earth for centuries hiding their powers from mortals. Many Halloween films show their take on witch but one of the most famous is Hocus Pocus by Disney.

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Scared Shrekless – Film Review

The Shrek series created by DreamWorks is a popular series of films that take a unique twist on faerytales. Scared Shrekless is a Halloween film created for the spooky holiday. The film shows how Shrek and his friends spend Halloween when the family of ogres aren’t busy scaring humans.

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The Book of Life – Film Review

The Day of the Dead falls on Halloween and is celebrated in the Mexican culture. Their holiday focuses on memories and having a day to remember and celebrate family, including those of the living and of the dead. The Book of Life by 20th Century Fox decided to create a film taking a unique twist on the meaning of the holiday