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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – Film Review

Spider-Man is a huge iconic character within the Marvel Universe appearing in numerous Marvel comics and was added to the Marvel’s cinematic universe (MCU) by being introduced in Marvel’s Avengers: Civil War in 2016. Many Spider-Man fans have accepted the third attempt of bringing the character to the big screen after Sam Raimi and Marc Webb adaption of the character.

The Irregular at Magic High School
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The Irregular at Magic High School – Review

Due to the insane amount of anime viewers often watch a few episodes of the anime before moving on thinking that they will return to the series and complete it at a later date. I decided to revisit The Irregular at Magic High School, hoping that over time my thoughts have changed regarding the show, so without further ado, here’s my review of The Irregular at Magic High School.

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Disney’s Aladdin – Film Review

What would you do if you inherited a genie and were granted three wishes? Would you let the power corrupt you, or would you use its power to make your dreams come true? Would you be tempted to bend the rules hoping that the genie’s power can warp reality to fit your desires? In the Disney film Aladdin, Aladdin is given that choice to use the genie to earn fame, riches, or the woman of his dreams, a passionate, strong-willed, and fiery Princess.

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Casper : The Friendly Ghost

There are those who wonder if ghosts or spirits are beings of paranormal or a fantasy created by our minds in times of stress. Casper is a film that falls between these two boundaries. The story is about ghosts trapped in our world but given that they only communicate with a section of people. Many wonders if Casper was a make-believe friend with supernatural abilities.

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Full Metal Alchemist Review

One of the classic animes that focuses on brotherly love and their journey to discover a legendary treasure, The Philosopher’s Stone, is Full Metal Alchemist. The Elric brothers push the boundaries of science and magic by using alchemy, hoping to defy the governing law of equivalent exchange with The Philosophers Stone.

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Rapunzel: The Story of the Hidden Princess

Disney is well-versed in creating films based on tales created by The Brothers Grimm, creating stories many children can identify by name. Rapunzel is the story of the woman with the seventy-foot-long hair. Disney painted a light-hearted tale about a kidnapped princess trapped in the tower, but with The Brothers Grimm’s version, there lies a darker version of the tale.

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The Magic of Pixar

Many fans of animation films are aware of the two biggest animation studios, which are Disney and Pixar, even with Disney’s recent purchase of 20th Century Fox, both Pixar and Disney are respectfully two of the most recognizable animation studios in the world compared to its competitors DreamWorks, Cartoon Network Studios. Hanna-Barbra, Nickelodeon Animation Studios, Warner Bros. Animation Studios, and many others, its hard to remember that there are other animation studios besides Disney and Pixar.

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Hades: Greek God or, Popular Villain?

When you hear the name “Hades” your mind may jump directly to the blue fiery haired, beloved, sometimes hated antagonist from the Disney cartoon, Hercules. The Disney film was released in 1997 and Hades was played by the actor, James Woods. As for some though, Hades rules in our hearts as the image of the ancient Greek god of the underworld who was determined to keep every dead soul from escaping his realm.

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The Wonderful World of Disney

Throughout the years, Disney has changed its animation style, as well as its method of storytelling. Currently, Disney films try to stay relevant to how women and men are treated in society. They have included additional characters of color, even making one of the Disney princesses African American. Recently, Disney has been acclaimed for its focus on telling stories of cultures outside of the United States, hence the renowned success of Moana.

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Digimon: Digital Monsters

I have always loved cartoons and animation. The graphics and time devoted to character development, paved way for unique stories told through television. Anime or animated cartoons features visual cartoons illustrated and voiced by Japanese actors that is translated in English or features English subtitles. In the 90s, the television show Digimon was created. Its creators were hopeful for its success after the launch of other children’s animated shows.