Unforsaken - Cassie Laelyn
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Unforsaken by Cassie Laelyn

Growing up, Cassie was fortunate enough to live in many different places across Australia, and had a childhood filled with crazy adventures. Now though, she calls coastal Queensland home, with her husband and two super energetic boys. As a teen, Cassie has been borderline obsessed with the paranormal world. She has a passion for crafting stories involving otherworldly characters, where strong loyalty, passion and redemption, blend across every page.

The Medusa Files by C.I Black
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Review of The Medusa Files by C.I Black

What if everything you knew was based off nothing but lies? That the monsters you read about in faerytales existed in the real world? Even worse, what if you were one of the monsters born from legend? In The Medusa Files by C. I Black focuses on the journey of Morgan Jacobs and her discovery of her monster half. The first book in the series Written in Stone, shows her introduction into the paranormal realm.