Mortal Engines
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Mortal Engines – Film Review

What do you think is best, to watch a film based on a book first, or read the source material? I was elated to watch Mortal Engines, a film adapted from the Mortal Engines series written by Henry Keazor. The dystopian fantasy was exquisitely brought to the big screen despite skeptics of the film. Read on to see what I thought of the underestimated film.

Spider-man video game
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Spider-man – Game Review

During the last few years the media has been focused on bringing comic books to the big screen. This has extended to new comics and video games being created based on the heroes and villains we grew up reading about. Due to the new release of Spider-man, PlayStation created a new video game based around the famous web swinger.

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Fables and Fabrications Book Review

Jan Edwards was born in Sussex, despite her thoroughly Celtic parentage, Jan is currently living in Staffs Moorlands with three cats and husband, Peter Coleborn. In addition to being a writer, she is also a Reiki Master teacher and meditational healer and has been Master Locksmith, motorcycle seller, bookseller, civil servant, ostler, market gardener, and librarian.

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Coraline Review

There is a belief that the spirit of a child can create the most powerful magic in the world. In Coraline, a seamstress uses soul energy from children to keep herself and her portal realm in existence. The portal world is a paradise for children, yet we all know that nothing is perfect. If it is than it’s a fake hiding a darker threat behind the facade.

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31 Days of Halloween

Do you feel the magic in the air? As October begins, one gets excited by the idea of enjoying colder weather, apple cider, and pumpkins! The best part of October is the arrival of Halloween, so in celebration Our Fantasy Realm is counting down the days with festive Halloween films.

Sherwood Asylum - A Book of Poetry - Rose Maze by Luna Nyx Frost
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Sherwood Asylum – A Book of Poetry

I have met Emberly and Luna nearly three years ago online. I was barely starting to share my art on various social media, joined a group and was asked to be a concept artist by Emberly. Later on, Luna joined the conversation and suddenly, it was not about the work anymore, but the friendship that grew.

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Top Ten Male Harry Potter Characters

I have always loved magic harnessed by wizards and witches within the fantasy universe. I thought it would be interesting to express my thoughts of each character, especially after completely watching all the eight films and reading all seven novels, thus in the form of a top ten list.