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Krampus VS. Santa Clause

I was unaware of Santa Clause’s evil twin known as Krampus, until watching Hotel Transylvania: The Series episode, The Fright Before Creepmas. In the episode they explore who Krampus is and what he stands for, yet after doing some research I learned that he can be even scarier than he was portrayed in the cartoon.

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Yuletide Celebrations

There are many traditions and rituals people use for the preparation of Yule. While celebrating the darkest night of the year, families gather around the hearth lit by the Yule log. Many use the log to signal the end of one year and the beginning of another. Others light the Yule candle to ensure good luck for the coming year.

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British High Tea

When you love British culture as much Luna and I, what is the best way to celebrate a joyous occasion? By going to high tea! High tea occurs in the morning or in the afternoon with a warm pot of tea and scrumptious sweet and savory snacks such as tea cakes and tea sandwiches.

Stonehenge - Britain
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Celtic Druids

Upon doing research for my novel, looking for different types of characters I could use aside from the usual, the word Druid popped in my head and I thought maybe it could be interesting to mix the truth and their own folklore. Druids are not as known as other Celtic legends such as Leprechauns, Faeries, Elves and Trolls, to only name a few. The influence of the Celtic culture in the Fantasy literature is very important and provided very strong roots to the genre.