Spider-man video game
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Spider-man – Game Review

During the last few years the media has been focused on bringing comic books to the big screen. This has extended to new comics and video games being created based on the heroes and villains we grew up reading about. Due to the new release of Spider-man, PlayStation created a new video game based around the famous web swinger.

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The Greatest Showman – Film Review

The circus was a family affair where you could sit inside a giant circus tent and watch acts be performed before your eyes. Beneath the glam and wonder, lies a deeper meaning to the actors performing for the audience. The circus were the first versions of freak shows creating unique acts for the spectator’s amusement. The Greatest Showman shows that everyone wants to find a place where they belong.

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A Love Letter to The Phantom of the Opera

Is a man born a monster or is he created through his trials in life? Should a person that is labelled a genius allowed to run uncheck inside a phantom house forcing others to do his bidding? Susan Kay’s Phantom reveals the story behind the mask revealing the story of the Phantom of the Opera and how he ended up as Christine’s Angel of Music.

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Inuyasha Review

Luna introduced me to the classic comedic anime Inuyasha, thinking I would enjoy the comedic nature between the characters and its use of time travel. The show equally balances both the present world in Tokyo, Japan and Japan's Sengoku Period. Many consider Inuyasha one of the classic animes, given how popular the anime became in the United States, earning a second installment to the series titled Inuyasha: The Final Act to show the rest of the manga written by Rumiko Takahashi.

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British High Tea

When you love British culture as much Luna and I, what is the best way to celebrate a joyous occasion? By going to high tea! High tea occurs in the morning or in the afternoon with a warm pot of tea and scrumptious sweet and savory snacks such as tea cakes and tea sandwiches.

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Full Metal Alchemist Review

One of the classic animes that focuses on brotherly love and their journey to discover a legendary treasure, The Philosopher’s Stone, is Full Metal Alchemist. The Elric brothers push the boundaries of science and magic by using alchemy, hoping to defy the governing law of equivalent exchange with The Philosophers Stone.

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31 Days of Halloween

Do you feel the magic in the air? As October begins, one gets excited by the idea of enjoying colder weather, apple cider, and pumpkins! The best part of October is the arrival of Halloween, so in celebration Our Fantasy Realm is counting down the days with festive Halloween films.

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The Phantom or an Angel of Music

I found myself relating strongly to the themes of the musical. The female protagonist Christine wants to use music to get over the loss of her father, while the antagonist, the Phantom, wants to be accepted and loved despite his jarring appearance. He uses creativity through music to express his feelings instead of bottling them up inside. Over the years, there has been numerous adaptations of the original novel The Phantom of the Opera, written by Gaston Leroux.