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Krampus Comes to Town – A Poem

Despite the festive holidays being behind us, I thought it would be nice to feature the poem Krampus Comes to Town by Robert Payne Cabeen, he has an interesting perspective of comparing and contrasting the idea of the jolly Saint Nick versus his sister counterpart, Krampus.

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Robin Hood: The Bandit of Sherwood Forest

After watching Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, I was intrigued by his generosity. Yes, he enjoys the thrill of stealing from nobles, yet he doesn’t keep the profits he steals but rather shares it with his community. The character Robin Hood has been mentioned in numerous movies and television shows, usually dressed in green wielding a bow and arrow, yet what do we really know about the character?

Stonehenge - Britain
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Celtic Druids

Upon doing research for my novel, looking for different types of characters I could use aside from the usual, the word Druid popped in my head and I thought maybe it could be interesting to mix the truth and their own folklore. Druids are not as known as other Celtic legends such as Leprechauns, Faeries, Elves and Trolls, to only name a few. The influence of the Celtic culture in the Fantasy literature is very important and provided very strong roots to the genre.

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Mermaids: Real or Fiction?

When Disney created the film The Little Mermaid (1989), many young girls dreamed of having a tail instead of legs and living in the underwater world. There are more to their aquatic hybrids than being showcased as a fun Disney character. These creatures had their own underwater society and laws that are different from the human world.