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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – Film Review

Spider-Man is a huge iconic character within the Marvel Universe appearing in numerous Marvel comics and was added to the Marvel’s cinematic universe (MCU) by being introduced in Marvel’s Avengers: Civil War in 2016. Many Spider-Man fans have accepted the third attempt of bringing the character to the big screen after Sam Raimi and Marc Webb adaption of the character.

Soul Eater
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Soul Eater – Review

There are many who believe in the humanization of Death and that his task is to collect the souls that have gone astray. There are many myths surrounding the personification of death and the creation of his famous scythe. Funimation created the animated show Soul Eater to give an explanation on how the weapons used by Death were created.

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Full Metal Alchemist Review

One of the classic animes that focuses on brotherly love and their journey to discover a legendary treasure, The Philosopher’s Stone, is Full Metal Alchemist. The Elric brothers push the boundaries of science and magic by using alchemy, hoping to defy the governing law of equivalent exchange with The Philosophers Stone.

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31 Days of Halloween

Do you feel the magic in the air? As October begins, one gets excited by the idea of enjoying colder weather, apple cider, and pumpkins! The best part of October is the arrival of Halloween, so in celebration Our Fantasy Realm is counting down the days with festive Halloween films.

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Sherlock Holmes: The World’s Greatest Detective

There are numerous detective stories in the world with them all dating back to the first fiction detective. Sherlock Homes is the person many people consider as the original. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle created the man behind the legends creating a character some believe to be real.

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One Last Love Song- A Poem

Andrew Darlington has had numerous written work published in all manner of strange and obscure places, magazines, websites, anthologies and books. He also worked as a Stand-Up Poet on the Alternative Cabaret Circuit and has been interviewed by many people from the worlds of Literature, Science-Fiction Fantasy, Art and Rock-Music for a variety of publications.

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Trigun: Humanoid Typhoon Review

Luna introduced me to the comedic anime, Trigun, after she heard how much I appreciate action, developed characters, and humor in anime like Full Metal Jacket, she had me watch a few episodes of Trigun, and I became addicted to the show amused by how despite Vash hated violence yet was known as a deadly gunslinger. The anime was adapted from the manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Yasuhiro Nightow.

Kingdom Hearts
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Kingdom Hearts Review

While growing up, I always enjoyed watching animated films by Walt Disney. When I first saw the trailer for Kingdom Hearts, I was elated by the idea of a video game featuring beloved Disney characters while mixing fantasy and adored characters from Final Fantasy. Square Enix captures the well-rounded characters, bright colors, and cherished storylines featured in the Disney classic films.

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God of War – Krato’s Journey

In Greek mythology Cronos was the youngest child of the Titans Gaia and Uranus. He was the father of Zeus and his siblings. Zeus was tasked with defeating his father and claiming his throne. This story arch is the basis for the Sony hack/ slash franchise God of War created by David Jaffe.

Sherwood Asylum - A Book of Poetry - Rose Maze by Luna Nyx Frost
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Sherwood Asylum – A Book of Poetry

I have met Emberly and Luna nearly three years ago online. I was barely starting to share my art on various social media, joined a group and was asked to be a concept artist by Emberly. Later on, Luna joined the conversation and suddenly, it was not about the work anymore, but the friendship that grew.