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Beetlejuice – Film Review

Who do the dead call when they struggle to evict the living from their haunting grounds? When they lack their own scare factor and must put up with the living or leave their home? There is one ghost that is seen as a specter and insane even with his own kind, yet he is summoned when ghosts have a problem with the living being summoned after saying his name, Beetlejuice, three times.

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The Haunted Mansion – Film Review

The Haunted Mansion was a film Disney created after the success of the haunted attraction at the amusement parks owned by Disney. The film takes place at Gracey Manor where the ghostly servants and owner of the manor are cursed to stay trapped inside. Sarah Evens inherits the manor and with her husband and two children embarks on a journey that will change their lives forever.

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Casper : The Friendly Ghost

There are those who wonder if ghosts or spirits are beings of paranormal or a fantasy created by our minds in times of stress. Casper is a film that falls between these two boundaries. The story is about ghosts trapped in our world but given that they only communicate with a section of people. Many wonders if Casper was a make-believe friend with supernatural abilities.