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Centaurs: Mythical Beasts

In modern literature, centaurs are guardians or creatures gifted with strength, astronomy, and healing. Some deceptions portray centaurs more human with animalistic tendencies or act like wild savage monsters. Yet they contain the same physical traits of an entity that has the upper body of a human and the lower body and legs of a horse.

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Vulcan: God of Fire

Fire is a destructive entity, or it can be seen as offering warmth or a symbol of passion. In Roman mythology, Volcan the God of fire including the fire of volcanoes, metalworking, and the forge in ancient Roman mythology with his Greek counterpart being Hephaestus, who is also the Greek God of fire and forging.

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Medusa – A Poem

Luna has been writing for the last twenty years. Her inspiration mostly comes from nature, ancient history and classic literature. But she has also looked up to the great work of poets such as Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickens. Because her passion for writing and reading doesn’t stop at sonnets and novels,

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Basilisk: Real or Legend?

Many can recall the iconic moment in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when the school is under attack by a fifty-foot snake called a basilisk. This king of snakes is a mythical creature created with the myths and legends found in Roman and Greek mythology. They are evil creatures whose intentions are to harm the world around them and kill mankind. Yet, there are tales where basilisks are protectors to homes from spiders and scared temples of Apollo and Diana.

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Dragons: Malevolent or Protective

Dragons are usually interpreted as monstrous fiends, one that the heroes must defeat to protect a damsel or save a village. In Chinese culture dragons are a token of good luck and embroidered on a warrior’s chest or shield to grant them good fortune in battle. In Greek mythology dragons were good or evil depending on the story you’re reading. The Greek Gods believed that dragons can be used to guard important items, yet in some legends it aided the Gods in mundane tasks like pulling chariots or becoming constellations.

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God of War – Krato’s Journey

In Greek mythology Cronos was the youngest child of the Titans Gaia and Uranus. He was the father of Zeus and his siblings. Zeus was tasked with defeating his father and claiming his throne. This story arch is the basis for the Sony hack/ slash franchise God of War created by David Jaffe.

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Athena- Goddess of Wisdom

When heroes went on great quests or adventures they would pray to the Greek Goddess Athena for guidance and protection. Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom, Goddess of Victory, and Goddess of War. She is often drawn with an owl on her shoulder dressed in full battle armor. The Goddess has been mentioned in numerous mythology legends detailing of her helping heroes and getting revenge on the misguided.

Luck & Logic
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Luck and Logic

There is mot many animes that mix action, family, and mythology into a show. Yet Luck and Logic was able to combine these three factors without the show appearing cheesy or overcrowded with ideas. The show focuses on the typical team of teenagers yet unlike other shoes and anime the focus is based on helping the innocents even those that deny help in the first place.

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Hercules: Youthful Mortal to Heroic God

You may remember the Disney animated masterpiece Hercules released in 1997 by Disney. The story of the son of a Greek god who was snatched as a baby by Hades and forced to live among mortals as a demigod. He is thought to be a youthful mortal with the odd ability to lift anything up to one-hundred times his size. Once a teenager, he must prove himself worthy of living with the gods on Mt. Olympus.

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Hades: Greek God or, Popular Villain?

When you hear the name “Hades” your mind may jump directly to the blue fiery haired, beloved, sometimes hated antagonist from the Disney cartoon, Hercules. The Disney film was released in 1997 and Hades was played by the actor, James Woods. As for some though, Hades rules in our hearts as the image of the ancient Greek god of the underworld who was determined to keep every dead soul from escaping his realm.