T.L. Christianson
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Shades of Red Series by T.L. Christianson

It can sometimes be difficult to find books that you are interested in without them being featured on a bestsellers list. One successful method is by finding new novels and authors by word of mouth or through networking. I was fortunate enough to come across T.L. Christianson series Shades of Red along with her other works for others unfamiliar with her work to check them out.

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Basilisk: Real or Legend?

Many can recall the iconic moment in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, when the school is under attack by a fifty-foot snake called a basilisk. This king of snakes is a mythical creature created with the myths and legends found in Roman and Greek mythology. They are evil creatures whose intentions are to harm the world around them and kill mankind. Yet, there are tales where basilisks are protectors to homes from spiders and scared temples of Apollo and Diana.

Monster House
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Monster House – Film Review

What would you do if you build a home for the love of your life only to lose her? Would you complete the building knowing that it would make her happy? Knowing that by honoring a memory you could be trapping a spirit in the human world? Image Movers created the film Monster House, showing what occurring when a spirit is trapped inside a man-made object.

Scary Godmother
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Scary Godmother Film Review

Many young girls and boys wish to have a magical godmother. A guardian that protects them from harm while using magic to make their dreams come true. In the film. Scary Godmother by Jill Thompson decided to give this classic faery godmother a spooky update.

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Halloweentown Review

Many people know that on Halloween night, the veil becomes thin allowing spirits to cross over and join the world of the living. Except what if the veil was more than a barrier for the spirits? What if it was also a barrier to the realm of monsters? In Disney’s Halloweentown the idea of a world full of monsters becomes a reality.

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Hotel Transylvania Review

Most parents fear the day their child wants to leave home and explore the world outside of the world they grew up in; even those that come from the monster realm. Sony Picture’s Hotel Transylvania takes this concept adding a vampire twist to the tale. The movie shows how monsters are more human then mortals give them credit for.

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Monsters Inc. Review

Parents of young children often deal with their children asking them to check their closet and under the bed for monsters. Pixar created a film bringing the monsters from childhood to life. Showing them as being more human then we gave them credit for.