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The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Children are taught to never “cry wolf” when making false claims, yet until they are explained, or the wrongs are pointed out to the child. In the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Aesop, the child lacks understanding of the consequences of taking up someone’s time when there is nothing wrong. Aesop is famous for having morals to his fables hoping to teach others a valuable lesson through storytelling.

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An Ugly Duckling to a Beautiful Swan

After receiving a collection of fables by Hans Christian Anderson from Luna, I became engrossed with reading the other fables he had written. Ugly Duckling offers the moral of being proud of yourself even if you struggle to fit in with others. I always loved the idea of an awkward person growing up to be a graceful beauty.

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The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Anderson Review

While growing up we are forced to deal with situations where we must decide if we take the lead or stick to the status quo? Do we speak up when we sense something is amiss or stay silent? Not wanting to draw attention to ourselves? The Emperor’s New Clothes, by Hans Cristian Anderson, shows the consequences when no one wants to speak up.