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Beetlejuice – Film Review

Who do the dead call when they struggle to evict the living from their haunting grounds? When they lack their own scare factor and must put up with the living or leave their home? There is one ghost that is seen as a specter and insane even with his own kind, yet he is summoned when ghosts have a problem with the living being summoned after saying his name, Beetlejuice, three times.

Edward Scissorhands
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Edward Scissorhands – Film Review

How would you react if you stumbled across a teen with scissors for hands? Would you take him home, call the cops, or turn around and leave hoping to never see him again? Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands brings this scenario to life, questioning how accepting people can be about those that appear abnormal in their normal society.

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Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

What if there was a world where everything was upside down of what you thought you once knew? That there was another world filled with living chess pieces, tea parties and an evil red queen? Where being mad is the norm and insanity is logical thoughts? Alice in Wonderland by Disney creates a world that unique and out of the norm.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Review

Who would have thought that one of the most popular Halloween films with a twist of Christmas was based off a poem? Tim Burton’s stop animation film The Nightmare Before Christmas was based on a poem created by Tim Burton. The films unique spin on the creation of Halloween and the idea that our holidays are parallel worlds besides our own.

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Corpse Bride Review

Tim Burton is known for his films having a flare of Gothic style and seeing a tale in a new perspective. The Corpse Bride is Burton’s concept of what occurs to the spirit when their lives are cut short. Giving a unique outlook on how death is not as depressing as mortals think compared to living in the world of the living.

The Mad Hatter
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Half a Century of Madness

From Lewis Carroll’s novel to Tim Burton’s depiction of “Alice in Wonderland” in 2010. one of the most enthusiastic, twisted, loopy and tea-addicted characters in classic literature can be linked back to this beloved and mad character - The Mad Hatter.

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Alice: Madness Returns Review

I have always preferred the darker tones of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland compared to the Disney classic. Disney’s Alice in Wonderland is an adaptation of a book Adventures in Wonderland written by Lewis Carroll. Tim Burton stated that when creating his version of the tale, he drew inspiration from the Disney classic, the original story by Lewis Carroll and her other novel Through the Looking Glass, and The Looking Glass Wars series written by Frank Beddor.