Hansel and Gretel
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Hansel and Gretel

Many grew up hearing the tale of Hansel and Gretel and the candy cottage they discover in the woods. The story comes from Germany and was written down by the Brothers’ Grimm. The tale shows how resourceful children can be and what they will do to stay alive. The story also tells how the brothers see witches and stepmothers.

water witch
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Water Witch

There are many who assume that magic is spilt into three areas black, white, and grey representing the intentions when using spells. However, there are many branches of magic reflecting on the elements and different forms of magic or witchcraft.

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Kiki’s Delivery Service – Film Review

What if you had to leave everything behind and start a new life at the age of thirteen? Find a new place to live, discover a career, and live completely alone without your family or friends? For a witch named Kuki, this is the age where they complete a year of private study and find a chance to discover who she is.

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All Hallows’ Eve – Film Review

If you inherited power, would you let it corrupt you or would you refuse to let it change who you are? Does magic make a person good or evil or should their morality be judged by their actions? In the film, All Hallows Eve, the audience is shown examples of how power can corrupt a person if they allow it, or how it amplifies a person’s moral character if used for good.

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Interview With Author J.T Joseph

I was fortunate to meet J.T Joseph through a Facebook group for fantasy writers where I had posted an ad for the blog looking for writers, authors, and poets to contribute their work. I think advertising other author’s works is a positive way to network, plus it helps other readers become aware of their work especially if they might not of known of them previously.

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Hocus Pocus – Film Review

On Halloween night, monsters from the otherworld come to our realm to enjoy a night not, chained behind the veil, but what about those that are human with paranormal abilities? Witches have walked this earth for centuries hiding their powers from mortals. Many Halloween films show their take on witch but one of the most famous is Hocus Pocus by Disney.

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Halloweentown Review

Many people know that on Halloween night, the veil becomes thin allowing spirits to cross over and join the world of the living. Except what if the veil was more than a barrier for the spirits? What if it was also a barrier to the realm of monsters? In Disney’s Halloweentown the idea of a world full of monsters becomes a reality.

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Witch Hunter Robin Review

It’s common in anime for characters to have special powers or unique abilities to assist them with their daily lives. Some are created while others are born with these gifts. In Witch Hunter Robin, their abilities are given in the form of magic making them casters on the wrong side of the law. Many might compare them to vigilantes, trying to use their gifts to stop crime instead of letting the justice system handle it.